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The Government of the United Kingdom or British Government runs various programs to help the deprived section of society and one of the major programs being run by them is Personal Independence Payment which is also known as PIP. Many people have registered for this program and are taking benefits in their Bank Account as offered by the government. All the Benefits of this program depend upon PIP Rates 2023-2024 which change every year due to inflation and other factors. Now, in order to provide you ease regarding this program, we decided to come up with Personal Independence Payment Rates 2023-2024. You can find the available payments under various programs such as Cost of Living Support and Disability Premiums. We advise you to check PIP Eligibility 2023-2024 and then proceed to claim your benefits with the help of instructions below.

Here in this post, you can find a complete list of Benefits of PIP 2023-2024 and Enhance PIP Rates for 2023 and 2024 year. We have also mentioned the Instructions below through which you can get to know about the Process of How to Claim PIP 2023-2024 which will be very helpful for you. All the citizens can claim their PIP through various modes such as Online or Offline or by direct visit. Many people are worried regarding the payments they will receive under this program so we have done detailed discussion on How Much PIP 2023-2024 You Will Get?

PIP Rates 2023-2024, Eligibility, Benefits, How to Claim

PIP Rates 2024

There are several programs being run by the Government of the United Kingdom for the Welfare of Citizens in the Country. One of the major programs being run by the Government of the UK is PIP also known as Personal Independence Payment. Under this program, the Government of UK offers Income Support to the citizens who have Mental Ailment, Long Term Disability, Shorter Living Span at the various rates. This payment is a weekly payment which is paid collectively for 4 Weeks at the end of month. If you are also interested in this program then you should check PIP Eligibility 2023-2024 available below and then proceed for online application. Submit the Application with the nearest centre and then your application will be approved. After that, you will start getting the Benefits as per PIP Rates 2023-2024 and Income Support will be credited in your Bank Account. You should know that Personal Independence Payment Rate 2023-2024 is increased from £68.10 per week to £101.75 per week for Daily Living Part and £26.90 Per Week to £71 Per Week under Mobility Part. It is to inform you all that there are various methods to Claim PIP 2023-2024 and we have mentioned each of them in this post for your reference.

Personal Independence Payment Rates 2024

ProgramPersonal Independence Payment 2023-2024
AuthorityGovernment of United Kingdom
BeneficiariesBritish Citizens
Purpose of ProgramTo provide income support to disabled, mentally challenged and other people 
EligibilityAge Above 16 Years
Type of ProgramIncome Support Program
Personal Independence Payment Rates 2023-2024£68.10 per week (Daily Living Part) and £26.90 Per Week (Mobility Part)
Payment MethodDirect transfer
Revised PIP Rates 2023-2024£101.75 per week for Daily Living Part and £71 Per Week under Mobility Part
How to Claim PIP 2023-2024Instructions Below
Type of ArticleFinance
PIP Websitegov.uk

PIP Eligibility 2023-2024

  • Check the Points below to Know about PIP Eligibility 2023-2024.
  • First of all, you must be a citizen of the United Kingdom to claim the Benefits offered under Personal Independence Payment.
  • Secondly, your age must be above 16 Years to receive the Benefits of PIP.
  • If you have long term disability or Mental Distress then also you are eligible for PIP.
  • If you are facing difficulties from the last 3 months and your difficulties are expected to last for next 9 months.

Benefits of PIP 2023-2024

  • There are multiple Benefits of PIP 2023-2024 which we have discussed below for your reference.
  • Firstly, Income Support is offered under the Personal Independence Payment Program for your Daily Living Expenses.
  • These expenses include grocery, preparing food, nutritions, Toilet Needs and more.
  • Second type of benefit available under PIP is the Mobility Part under which you will get payment for Moving Around and upcoming journeys.
  • All the eligible beneficiaries get £101.75 per week for Daily Living Part and £71 Per Week under Mobility Part.

How to Claim PIP 2023-2024

  • Use the Instructions below to Claim PIP 2023-2024 from the Government of the United Kingdom.
  • First step is to visit or contact the Personal Independence Payment Centre near you.
  • Secondly, explain to them about your disabilities and daily hardships.
  • Fill the Claim Form with basic details such as Name, Building Number, Disability Type and more.
  • Submit the Form and wait for the authorities to approve it.
  • Once it is approved, you will start getting benefits in your respective Bank Account.

How Much PIP Will You Get?

  • Check the points below to know about How Much PIP Will You Get?
  • The Personal Independence Payment offered to you depends upon various factors.
  • Your Daily Living Expense such as Cleaning, Grocery and other needs affect your payment amount.
  • Your Mobility such as Moving Around and Journeys also affect your PIP Amount.
TaskPIP Rate 2023-2024
Daily Living task£101.75 per week for Daily Living
Mobility£71 Per Week under Mobility Part

FATs on PIP Rates 2023-2024

When is the PIP Rates 2023-2024 enhanced?

PIP Rates 2023-2024 are enhanced in September 2023.

What is the Current PIP Rates 2023-2024?

Current PIP Rates 2023-2024 are £101.75 per week for Daily Living Part and £71 Per Week under Mobility Part.

Who is eligible for the PIP Program?

All the citizens who are above the age of 16 Years and are disabled in any way can register for PIP.

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