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The Government of the United Kingdom works tirelessly to provide various financial reliefs to the citizens through various programs. One of the major scheme being run by government is Tax-Free Childcare under which 30 Hours Free Childcare and monthly financial assistance is provided to the parents. So, we decided to come up with complete information related to the 30 Hours Tax-Free Childcare and other similar details. Under the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme, parents get £500 after every 3 months for the assistance of your child. Make sure you check the Tax-Free Childcare Eligibility before proceeding for Online Application and once you have passed all the points then complete the registration. All you need to do is Apply Online Tax-Free Child Care Account @ with the help of instructions given in this post. After that, your amount will be calculated using the 30 Hours Tax-Free Childcare Calculator and then you will start getting the Benefits of £2000 every year and £500 every quarter. Now, if you are eligible and wish to apply online then you should also check How Does Tax-Free Childcare Work after which you will get a clear image of the benefits that you will get.

Tax-Free Childcare, Calculator, Eligibility, Amount, Account Sign In Link

Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

The United Kingdom Government and His Majesty works tirelessly to provide various Income Supports to the citizens in this tiring phase of High Inflation and high costs of livelihood. Now, they run various Government funded schemes through which needy and eligible beneficiaries get different Income Support or Financial Benefits or Tax Rebates. Among these different schemes, one of the most important programs being run by the Government is Tax-Free Childcare Scheme under which all the parents get Income Support from the state. So, we decided to come up with complete details regarding this program such as Benefits, Eligibility, How to Apply, Direct Links and more. All the Citizens of the United Kingdom who have Children below the age of 11 Years are eligible to apply online for this scheme. Different Categories such as Working parents, Non Working parents and Others have various Tax-Free Childcare Benefits which we have discussed below. Moreover, if your child is Disabled then you will get £1000+£500= £1500 every quarter. As per official website, your child will stop getting benefits on 1st September of his 11th Year. If you are interested in this scheme then you should check the Tax-Free Childcare Eligibility below and then proceed for Online Application.

30 Hours Tax-Free Childcare

SchemeTax-Free Childcare
AuthorityUK Government
Funded ByUnited Kingdom Government
Purpose of SchemeTo Provide Income Support to Families for Childcare
BeneficiariesUK Citizens
Tax-Free Childcare Benefits£500 every quarter or £2000 a year
EligibilityWorking or Non Working Parents
Other RequirementsChild must be Living with you
Age Limit for 30 Hours Tax-Free Childcare11 Years
Tax-Free Childcare Amount for Disabled Childrens£500+£1000 Every Quarter
How to ApplyRegister Online
Documents RequiredIdentity Card, Registration of Childcare Provider and Birth Certificate
Tax-Free Childcare CalculatorAvailable Below
Type of ArticleFinance

Tax-Free Childcare Eligibility

  • Check the Points below to know about Tax-Free Childcare Eligibility.
  • Firstly, applicants must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Secondly, all of them must have children below the age of 11 Years.
  • Their Children must be registered with Childcare provided in the UK.
  • You have to revoke your Tax-Rebates to get the Benefits of Tax-Free Childcare.
  • All Working & Non Working Parents are eligible for this Scheme.
  • You must be earning minimum Wage every month to get the benefits of this scheme.

Benefits of Tax-Free Childcare Account

  • There are several Benefits of Tax-Free Childcare Account and all of them are available below in the points.
  • First Benefit is that you can get £500 every 3 Months for each Children.
  • Overall, £2000 every year will be transferred to your tax-free childcare account.
  • Any child who is disabled will get £1000 in addition to his or her previous benefits.
  • You will receive the Benefits till the age of 11 Years as on 1st September.

Tax-Free Childcare Calculator

  • Tax-Free Childcare Calculator is available on the official website of UK Government @
  • The Amount you get under Tax-Free Childcare is calculated using this calculator.
  • You can get anywhere between £500 or above every quarter depending upon your Income.
  • If the child is disabled then you can get £4000 for every child and use it for the cost of Childcare.
  • Complete instructions are available below using which you can register online for the Childcare Benefits in the UK.

How Does Tax-Free Childcare Work

  • Many People have questions related to How Does Tax-Free Childcare Work so we decided to come with the answer of the same.
  • First of all, parents have to set up a Childcare Account on the UK Government Website and register their child on it.
  • Now, you have to get your Child Admitted to the Childminding Centre or Homecare Agencies.
  • Submit the Request of your childcare agency on the official website and wait for approval.
  • Now, you have to pay 80% Amount and 20% will be contributed by the Government towards the Cost.
  • After that, Payment is credited towards the account of Childcare Agency.

Apply Online Tax-Free Childcare Account Sign In Link

Apply Online Tax-Free Childcare AccountCheck Link
Tax-Free Childcare Account Sign In LinkCheck Link

FATs on Tax-Free Childcare Payment

What is the use of Tax-Free Childcare Scheme?

This scheme helps the parents towards the cost of Childcare in UK.

Who is eligible for Tax-Free Childcare Payment?

All the UK Residents who have children below the age of 11 Years are eligible for Tax-Free Childcare in the UK.

What is the Tax-Free Childcare Benefit?

Tax-Free Childcare Scheme offers you £500 every 3 Months for the Childcare.

How to Apply Online Tax-Free Childcare?

Visit and Apply Online Tax-Free Childcare.

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