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The VA Education Benefits is for the Veterans which will help them to pay the College Fees, Tuition Fees or finding the right education for them. The Individuals wonder How Can Survivors and Dependents Get the Benefits? Now many benefits are available to strengthen the Education and Skills of Veterans. You must check the Veterans Affairs Education Benefits Eligibility before Applying for the benefits or proceeding with the further process after the application process. Now in this article we have mentioned the complete details on the VA Education Benefits. 

VA Education Benefits

The VA education Benefits is the education and training benefits which help the Veterans to continue with their education. The Veterans will help them to pay the College Fees, Tuition Fees, finding the right school or Training Institution. The Veterans Affairs Education Benefits will provide the assistance like the Post 9/11 GI Bill provides the assistance by paying the Tuition Fees up to 36 months. The benefit is available for the individuals with at least 90 days of service. Another benefit includes the Montgomery GI Bill which covers the Tuition and Training costs. The membership in the US Armed Forces may qualify the individual and their VA Education Benefits For Dependents for the Veteran Educational Benefits. The individuals who will be getting the benefits under the VA education will have to first decide if they are eligible or not. The individuals who wish to claim the benefits will have to submit the Certification Request for VA Services. Now in this article we have provided all the details on the VA Education Benefits along with the eligibility and the application process.

Montgomery GI Bill

Chapter 30 is the Montgomery GI Bill which provides the educational benefits to the Veterans for up to 36 months. The ones who are in service will get eligible after 2 years of being into service. The amount which gets awarded is based on the Training one gets along with the length of service, category or if DOD puts extra money in the MGIB fund. Now the ones who will get the benefit under this Chapter 30 will get 10 years to utilize these benefits. To be eligible, the individual shall have to be in service for at least 2 years. $100 has been paid by them per month for 12 months. The individuals shall have enrolled through the Branch of Service.

VA Education Benefits

Veteran Readiness and Employment 

Chapter 31 is about the fact that the Veterans with service Connected Disability become employed and they achieve independence in their living. The services in this chapter lasts for about 48 months and they include counseling, educational and training, financial aid, and medical assistance if any is required. The eligibility for the same is required if an individual has been in service from 16 September 1940 with the service connected disability which is at least 20% as decided by the VA. The individuals will need vocal rehabilitation to overcome the employment handicap and it has been less than 12 years since the VA has notified.

Veterans Educational Assistance Programme

The Chapter 32 is available in case you have made contributions from your military pay to participate in the education benefit program. The contribution is matched on 2 for 1 basis and one should have entered the service between 1 January 1977 to 30 June 1985. 

Dependents Education Assistance Programme

Chapter 35 is available to the VA Education Benefits For Dependents and Spouses who have got 100% service connected disability or Veteran who died or goes missing while on active duty. 

Under this benefit the people will get up to 45 months of education benefits or 36 months in case the degree program has been started after 1 August 2018. The amount will be paid as a monthly stipend based on the student’s enrollment status. VA Education Benefits Payment are released to the students 30 days after they start their classes and every 30 days till the time the student is enrolled. The amount has to be used within 10 years from the eligibility date. 

Reserve GI Bill 

Any person who enlists themselves, re-enlists, or extends the enlistment in the Selective Reserve for not less than 6 years in addition to the period beginning after 30 June 1985. The individual shall have completed the high school of GED, IADT, 180 days of service in selective reserve. 

Tuition Assistance Top Up Programme

The Top Up Programme allows the individual to use the GI Bill to supplement the tuition and other fees which have not been covered under the Tuition Assistance. It will be a good option in case the person uses the amount to complete the degree while being active on duty. The amount shall be used in case you are taking just a few courses. 

VA Education Benefit Eligibility

Category Eligibility 
(MGIB-AD) Montgomery GI Bill Active DutyYou have served at least 2 years on active duty. You are honorably dischargedYou have a High School Diploma or having a 12 hours of College CreditMeet other requirements 
(MGIB-SR) Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve You should be a Member of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Army National GuardYou need to have 6 year service obligation in the respective fieldYou are officer in Selected reserve for 6 yearsYou meet all the other requirements. 

Steps to Do for VA Education Benefit 

  • First check your eligibility through the US Department.
  • Visit the SFS website for the details regarding the Undergraduate, graduate or Veteran benefits
  • Gather all the document and the information you need for educational benefits
  • Learn about the benefits you get in your school you wish to attend.
  • Then get the benefits from the scheme you have applied for.

Documents To Get VA Education Benefit

  • Check the following Documents required to Apply for VA Education Benefit. 
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank Account Direct Deposit Information
  • Education and Military History
  • Information about the school training Institute you wish to attend. 

How To Apply for VA Education Benefit

  • You can apply for the benefits by sending the Email
  • By appearing to the VA office in person
  • With the help of Trained Professional 

VA Education Benefits Payment

The VA Education, pension, compensation is paid on a monthly basis. The Benefits are paid to the people on the first business day of the given month. In case the first day falls on holiday then VA Education Benefits For Dependents will be paid on the last day of the previous month which is prior to the first day of the given month.

VA Benefits Payments Schedule

Month VA Education Benefits Payment Date
July 1 August 
August 31 August 
September 1 October 

Other VA Benefits

  • Veteran Readiness and Employment : in case you have any service related disability that is preventing you from doing work, then you can find VR&E benefits like getting more education or training if required.
  • Educational and Career Counseling: you can find out how to get free educational and career counseling in case you’re leaving the active service soon or have been discharged within the past year or dependent who is eligible under the educational benefits.
  • Register Your Veteran Own Small Business : if you have or want to start a small business then you can take the benefit from VA.
  • Explore Resources for Military and Veteran Family Members : The VA can help the spouses and other family members to access valuable career resources. Education Benefits Login

VA Education Benefits LoginLogin Here

FAQs on VA Education Benefits Payment

What are Veterans Affairs Education Benefits?

The Veterans Affairs Education Benefits is to provide the Veterans to bear the cost of their Tuition or other fees.

In how much time will one get VA Education Benefits?

The VA Education Benefits will be made available in 30 days.

What is the VA Education Benefits Payment Schedule?

The VA Education Benefits Payment is received on the 1st day of the month but if it is a non working day then on the last day of previous month.

What are the Documents for Veterans Affairs Education Benefits?

The Documents for Veterans Affairs Education Benefits can be checked from the post above.

How can one apply for VA Education Benefits?

One can apply for VA Education Benefits through Mail or by appearing to office in person.

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