AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024 – Fixtures, Teams & Points Table

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 is the 6th edition of the Under-23 Asian Cup. The AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024 has been released and the matches will begin from 12 January 2024. There will be a total of 24 Asia Cup U-23 Teams 2024 and the Asian Federation Confederation Host 2024 is Qatar for the 2nd time. The AFC Asian Cup Host 2024 is Qatar. The AFC Asian Cup Fixtures 2024 along with the AFC Asian Cup Points Table 2024 can be checked through the post given below. In this article we have provided all the details regarding the schedule for the Football match.

AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024, Fixtures, Teams, Points Table

AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024

The Asian Football Confederation is going to conduct the 6th edition of the Football tournament for the players who are below the age of 23 years. The age is restricted to 23 years only for the men’s under 23 National teams of Asia. The tournament will be played from 12 January to 10 February 2024. The first match of the Tournament will be played on 12 January 2024 in Qatar. The qualifiers under this tournament will qualify themselves for the Summer Olympics Men’s Football Tournament. The Top3 teams will qualify for the Olympics in France and a total of 24 teams will compete in the Tournament. Saudi Arabia has been the defending Champions in the Tournament. The AFC Asian Cup Host 2024 has been Qatar and the 16 teams will be competing against each other.

The teams will be divided into 6 different groups and each group will have a total of 4 teams. The groups were formed by the draw of pots which took place in Doha on 23 November 2023. Since Qatar is the host, it will be ranked on the top. The players born on or after 1 January 2001 are eligible to compete in the Tournament. The team squad will have a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 23 players including a minimum of 3 goalkeepers. The teams will get 3 points in case they win, 1 point in case of a draw and 0 points will be given in case of a loss. Referring to the given article, one will get the updates on the AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024 which has been released officially.

AFC Asian Cup Fixtures 2024

Tournament name AFC Asia Cup 
Tournament Title AFC U-23 Asian Cup 
Organization Asian Football Confederation 
Year 2024
Host country Qatar 
Start date 12 January 2024
End date 10 February 2024
Total teams 24
Total groups 4
Venue Mentioned below 
Age limit Till 23 
Total members in each team 23
Post type Sports 
The Tournament for the Football cup will start from 12 January 2024 onwards. The AFC Asian Cup Schedule 2024 can be checked through the official website The top 3 teams in the Tournament will qualify for the Olympics in France. 

Asia Cup U-23 Teams 2024

Team number Asia Cup U-23 Teams 2024
3South Korea 
8United Arab Emirates 
11Saudi Arabia 
20Hong Kong 
24Kyrgyz Republic 
There will be 24 AFC Asia Cup Teams 2024 which will be playing in the Tournament. The teams list can be checked through the given table below. 

Asian Federation Confederation Host 2024

After a lot of options, Qatar has been decided as the Host for the Asian Football Confederation Tournament to be held in 2024. The selection marks Qatar as the second time which will be holding the AFC tournament. The decision about the host was taken on 30 September 2022.

Asian Cup Groups 2024

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
Qatar Australia Iran Japan Korea Saudi Arabia 
China Uzbekistan UAEIndonesia Malaysia Thailand 
Tajikistan Syria Hong Kong Iraq Jordan Kyrgyz Republic 
Lebanon India Palestine Vietnam Bahrain Oman 

AFC Asia Cup Fixtures 2024

AFC Asia Cup Fixtures 2024Team 1Team 2Group 
12 January 2024QATLBNA
13 January 2024AUSINDA
13 January 2024CHNTJKB
13 January 2024UZBSYRB
14 January 2024JPNVIEC
14 January 2024UAWHKGC
14 January 2024IRNPLED
15 January 2024KORBHRD
15 January 2024IDNIRQE
15 January 2024MASJORE
16 January 2024THAKGZF
16 January 2024KSAOMAF
17 January 2024LBN CHNA
17 January 2024TJKQATA
18 January 2024SYRAUSB
18 January 2024INDUZBB
18 January 2024PLEUAEC
19 January 2024IRQJPNC
19 January 2024VIE IDND
19 January 2024HKGIRND
20 January 2024JORKORE
20 January 2024BHRMAS E
21 January 2024OMA THAF
21 January 2024KGZKSA F
22 January 2024QATCHN A
22 January 2024TJKLBN A
23 January 2024AUS UZBB
23 January 2024SYR INDB
23 January 2024IRNUAEC
23 January 2024HKGPLEC
24 January 2024JPNINDD
24 January 2024IRQVIED
25 January 2024KORMASE
25 January 2024JORBHRE
25 January 2024KSATHAF
25 January 2024KGZOMAF
28 January 20241B3ACD
28 January 20242A2C
29 January 20241D3BEF
29 January 20241A3CDE
30 January 20242B2F
30 January 20242E1F
31 January 20241E2D
31 January 20241C3ABF
2 February 2024W38W39
2 February 2024W37W42
3 February 2024W40W41
3 February 2024W44W43
6 February 2024W45W46
6 February 2024W47W48
10 February 2024Final Final 

AFC Asia Cup Venue 2024

  • Khalifa International Stadium
  • Ahmad bin Ali Stadium 
  • Al Janoub Stadium 
  • Al Bayt Stadium
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Jassim bin Hamad Stadium
  • Education City Stadium
  • Al Thumama Stadium
  • Abdullah bin Khalifa 

AFC Asian Cup Points Table 2024

Team Name Pld WDLGFGAGDAFC Asian Cup Points Table 2024
Qatar Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
China Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Tajikistan Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Lebanon Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Australia Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Uzbekistan Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Syria Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
India Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Iran Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
UAEUpdating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Hong Kong Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Palestine Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Japan Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Indonesia Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Iraq Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Vietnam Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Korea Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Malaysia Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Jordan Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Bahrain Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Saudi Arabia Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Thailand Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Kyrgyz Republic Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 
Oman Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating Updating 

AFC Asian Cup 2024 Tickets

  • The AFC Asia Cup Tickets 2024 can be purchased through the website
  • Before purchasing the tickets, one has to check the Visa Requirements.
  • The ticket price will start from QAR 25.
  • The visa requirements can be checked through
  • Since there are limited tickets available one can buy the tickets as soon as possible. Fixture 2024

Particulars Date 
Round of 1631 January 2024 to 2 February 2024
Quarter Finals 4 to 5 February 2024
Semi Final 7 to 8 February 2024
Finals 10 February 2024 Schedule 2024 Links

AFC Asia Cup Schedule 2024Check Link 

FATs on AFC Asia Cup Schedule 2024

What is the AFC Asia Cup Schedule 2024?

The AFC Asia Cup Schedule 2024 is from 12 January 2024 to 10 February 2024.

How many teams are there in the AFC Asia Cup 2024?

There are a total of 24 teams in the AFC Asia Cup 2024.

Who is the AFC Asia Cup Host 2024?

The AFC Asia Cup Host 2024 is Qatar.

What is the complete AFC Asian Cup 2024 Schedule?

The complete AFC Asian Cup 2024 Schedule can be checked through the article given above.

What are the Venue 2024?

The AFC Asian Cup 2024 Venue can be checked through the post given above.

How many groups are there in the AFC Asian Cup 2024?

There are a total of 6 groups having 4 teams each in the AFC Asian Cup 2024. 

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