Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024, Israel Hamas War, Gaza Death Count Toll

Whole World is worried regarding the ongoing Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024 which started after the Hamas Group targeted the major cities of Israel with almost 3000 Rockets in 20 Minutes on 7th October 2024. As we all know Israel responded against a sudden attack launched by the Palestinian Militant Group Hamas early Saturday morning by Bombarding the Gaza Strip with airstrikes on Monday. Israeli ministers have declared a “Complete siege” on the already blockaded and destitute Gaza Strip, denying its two millions residents a supply of food, water and electricity. Hamas has also kidnapped more than one hundred Israeli citizens, soldiers and foreigners. To know more about the Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024, Israel Vs Palestine History, Israel Gaza Conflict , Israel Vs Hamas Conflict Reason, Israel Hamas War 2024 Update, Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 Death Toll.

Israel Gaza War Death Count Update 2024

According to latest updates, more than 1400 People has been killed in Israel and over 5,431 people has been injured due to Israel Hamas War. Over 8,303 People are killed till now in Gaza (Palestine) and 20241 People of Palestine Are Injured till now in Palestine Israel war in Gaza. Combined Death Count has surpassed 9500 from Palestine and Israel Combined.

Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024

A large-scale offensive and invasion was launched from the Gaza strip against Israel on October 7, 2024. The Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024 was started by the palestinian Militant group who was led by Hamas. After the Arab- Israeli war which was fought in 1948, this Israel Vs Palestine Conflict is the first direct Israel Gaza Conflict which is being fought within Israel’s boundaries. The militant group broke the Barrier of Gaza- Israel and forcefully entered the Israeli Settlements and Military installations via the Gaza border crossing. Opposition began in the daybreak by vehicle transported foray into israel territory and rocket barrage in opposite to Israel. Multiple attacks were done in Israel military bases and Israeli civil communities surroundings. This conflict has been referred to as the starting of a third Palestinian Intifada by some Observers.  More than 900 Israelis were killed because Hamas Militants forayed into Israel by breaking their borders and started to fire more than three thousand rockets from Gaza Strip.  Because of this Israel Gaza Conflict, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated in a national address after the starting of the attacks that “Israel is at war”.

Israel Vs Hamas (Gaza) War 2024 : Public Opinion

  • There are Mixed Public Opinions on the Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 which we have discussed in this post.
  • Whole World is condemning the Gruesome Attack on Israeli Citizens and Civilians by Hamas Group which is considered a Terrorist Organization by more than 10 Countries.
  • According to information surfacing on the Internet, Mohhamed Diaz is the Mastermind behind the attack on Israel and Killings of Israeli Civilians.
  • Moreover, people across the World are also saying that Jews have faced Holocaust in the Past and they should not repeat the implement the same on Palestine Civilians.
  • The Whole Attack was planned during the Holy month of Jews and people were celebrating the event during the Attacks.
  • People are also insisting the Israel and Hamas to stop the Attacks and find the solution through bilateral talks as it could lead to serious problems.

Israel Vs Palestine (Hamas) War History

The Israeli Palestinian Conflict dates back to the late 19th century, when Zionists tried to create a jewish homeland in Palestine under Ottoman rule. Jewish immigrants arrived in the area in a large number as a result of the British Government’s 1917 Balfour Declaration , which supported the idea of a jewish homeland in Palestine. Israel was founded in 1948 as a result of increased international demand for the creation of a jewish state in Palestine Following world war 2nd and the Holocaust.  A protracted struggle between Israel and the Palestinian people was caused by the creation of Israel and the wars that preceded and followed it, which resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians. In at least a portion of historic Palestine, the Palestinians aim to create their own sovereign state. This objective is currently out of reach due to Israeli border defense, Palestinian internal politics, Israeli rule over the west bank, the Egyptian Israeli embargo of the Gaza strip, and Israeli authority over the israeli occupied territory.

Israel Gaza War 2024 News Today

Over the years there have been multiple peace talks but a permanent settlement has not been achieved by all of them. Violence has marked the Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024 including terrorist attacks by palestinian terrorists and Israeli military actions. Although various challenges still exist, including the questions of Israeli settlements in the west bank, jerusalem’s status, and the final destiny of Palestinian refugees the united states and other nations have played a significant role in efforts to broker peace. 

Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024, Israel Hamas War, Gaza Death Count Toll

Israel Gaza Conflict 2024

The  Gaza Israel conflicts have a localized component in the Israeli Hamas conflict. The Israel Gaza Conflict started when the islamist political group Hamas won elections in the Gaza Strip in the year 2005 & 2006. It later arose when the Palestinian Authority’s government split into the Fatah government in the west bank and the Hamas government in Gaza, after losing the election to Hamas fatah was violently ousted. The Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 has worsened as a result of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, Israeli airstrikes on Gaza and a joint Egyptian Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Attacks that do not distinguish between civilian and military objectives but instead target citizens and civilian structures are seen by the international community as being against international law. 

Israel Palestine Hamas War 2024 Live Update

On Saturday, more than five thousand rockets were fired by Hamas forces from the Gaza Strip onto Israel. Result of this attack was more than 1100 Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 Death Toll and several injuries. The air raid sirens across the country are activated due to this attack and probability of further intense Israel Vs Palestine Conflict 2024. As Palestinians prepare to live another Nakba, Israel has announced complete control of Gaza and imposed a comprehensive embargo on the territory. The Hamas organisation is now prepared for conversations over a ceasefire with Israel, according to a senior person. We will update you with all the Israel Palestine War 2024 Live Updates as soon as we receive it from IDF.

Israel Vs Hamas War Reason

There are various reasons for the Israel Hamas War 2024. A large-scale offensive and invasion was launched from the Gaza strip against Israel on October 7, 2024 in the lead of Hamas. Israel bombarded the Gaza strip with airstrikes on monday in response to this sudan attack from Hamas. The protracted struggle was caused between Israel and the palestinian people by the establishment of Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 that preceded and followed it, which resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians. The Palestinians want to establish their own independent state in at least part of historic palestine. Due to Israeli border defense, Israeli control of the west bank, palestinian internal politics, Israeli control over the Israeli occupied territories and Egyptian Israeli blockade on the Gaza strip this task is currently out of reach. 

Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 Death Toll

The Israeli army, which has been bombarding the Palestinian enclave with airstrikes, reported Tuesday that over 1500 dead bodies of the Hamas Militants have been found in Israel and the Gaza strip. 900+ people have been killed in Israel and more than 700 people are killed in Gaza strip. Moreover, 2000+ People are displaced in Israel whereas 1.5 Lakh people are displaced in Gaza Strip. Many causalities have been noted in the Jerusalem where both Israelis and Palestine people live together.

FATs For Israel Palestine War Death Count Live Update

What is the Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 Death Toll?

Israel Vs Palestine War 2024 Death Toll is noted to be 1600 till date.

When did the Israel Palestine War 2024 started?

Palestine attacked on the Israel major cities with 5000 missiles in 20 minutes on 7th October.

What is the Israel Vs Hamas War Reason?

The Israel Vs Hamas War Reason is for the independence of the Palestine.

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