Gemini AI Release Date, Google Gemini Features, How To Use, Sign Up

The Gemini AI is the model which is trained to work and behave just like a human does. Google took the leap to Google Gemini AI on 6 December 2023 with the launch of the AI Model which has been trained in such a way that it will work like humans. The Google Gemini Features can be checked through the article given below. To know the details on How to Use Gemini AI, one must refer to the article given below. The Google Gemini AI Signup is available in 3 sizes on Bard and Pixel 8. This post will completely guide you on the trained human named as the Gemini AI.

Gemini AI, Google AI Features, How to Use

Gemini AI Signup

After the Chat GPT and other features launched, Google’s new version is the Gemini AI which was launched on 6 December 2023. The new model has been designed in such a way that it works just like a human does. The AI model is trained to behave in human like ways that is to provide the debate on the Technology’s potential. The Gemini is capable of solving complex tasks like math, science and physics problems. Google Gemini AI works as a helping hand where Google promises that Bard will come in a better way while performing the tasks. The Pixel 8 Pro of the Gemini will be able to summarize the recordings which have been made on the device and gives the automatic response be it in Whatsapp chat or other chats. 

The biggest advances will not come in 2024 but the same is expected by the end of year 2024. The AI will work in just the English language throughout the world. The technology problem skills are being used by Google in the field of Math and physics. The users will be able to adapt the same from December 13, 2023 onwards and the Gemini Ultra is still under the evaluation and is expected to be released the next year. Gemini is not just a model, it is the family of AI which comes in 3 different sizes, Ultra, Pro and Nano. The Gemini is a model which is designed in a Multimodal, pre-trained which starts on different models. One must refer to the given article to get the complete details on the latest version to the AI model which will begin from 13 December 2023 onwards.

Google Gemini AI Release Date

Model name Gemini AI 
Version available on Android 14 and Pixel 8 Pro 
Google Gemini AI Release Date6 December 2023
Login date 13 December 2023
Sizes Ultra, Pro and Nano
Benefit Trained to work like a human 
Objective Improving your knowledge and learning 
Expertise Computer VisionGeospatial ScienceHuman HealthIntegrative Technologies 
Post type Tech 
The latest version of the AI family has been launched in 3 different sizes. The Google Gemini AI model is a trained version which works just like a human does. The model is available to be used on Bard and Pixel 8 Pro. 

Gemini AI Version

  • The Gemini AI Version is being released in 3 different sizes:
  • Gemini Nano is a model created to work on Smartphones and especially Google Pixel 8. It performs the tasks which require the AI processing without being connected to the external servers.
  • The Gemini Pro is created to help the latest version of the Chatbot GPTand Bard. It helps to deliver fast responses and helps to understand various complex tasks and questions. 
  • The Gemini Ultra is the most capable model which exceeds the state of art results on 30 of 32 used academic benchmarks. 
  • It helps to perform the various complex and difficult tasks and is all set to release after the testing is over. 

How to Use Google Gemini AI ?

The Gemini AI is now available on the various products of Google like the ones available in Nano and Pro Sizes. Google plans to use the Gemini into various Search, Ads, Chrome and other services. The developers and enterprise customers will be able to use the Gemini Pro and Google Cloud Vertex AI as soon as it gets released. The same will start on 13 December 2023. 

How to Use Google Gemini AI in Bard

  • The individuals shall follow the below mentioned steps to Use Google Gemini AI.
  • Open the website of Bard on your device
  • Now login to the Personal account of the Google
  • Once logged in, you can get the benefits and enjoy the features.
  • The Bard will use only a tiny fraction of the Gemini’s capabilities
  • The Gemini Ultra will support more languages than English.

Use Google Gemini on Pixel 8 Pro

You can Use Gemini AI feature on Pixel 8 Pro without having an internet connection. The device supports Gemini Nano version which runs without a internet. 

To use the Smart Reply feature:

  • Open the setting and enable AirCore in developer.
  • Go to the developer setting, then aircore and then enable Aircore persistent
  • Then open the whatsapp conversations

To Use Gemini AI in Recorder App:

  • Open the recorder app
  • Click on record tab
  • You can find the recording in the history option and find the audio recording.

Google Gemini AI Features

Check the Gemini AI Features In the list below.

  • Multimodal dialogue
  • Multi linguality
  • Game creation
  • Visual puzzles
  • Translating visuals
  • Making connections
  • Login and spatial reasoning

Google Gemini AI Limitations

  • The model supports only the English language
  • The Gemini Pro along with Bard is very limited
  • The geographical constraints have not been available in EU
  • The text based version of Gemini Pro is available with bard
  • The above said were the limitations of Gemini AI.

Chat GPT vs Gemini AI

Basis Chat GPT Gemini AI 
Availability Available in more accessible way Is much under development and not available publicly 
Ease of use It is more readily available and is easy to start It needs technical expertise for complex tasks
Integration with other services Integrates with several platforms The integration is much limited 
Accessibility tool Provides various features Accessibility is very limited 
Cost It is free of cost Pricing detail is unknown 

FATs on Google Gemini AI Signup

When did Gemini AI release?

The Gemini AI was released on 9 December 2023.

When will the Gemini AI Come into action?

The Gemini AI will come into action on 13 December 2023.

What is the feature of Gemini AI?

The major feature of Gemini AI is that it is trained in such a way that it works like Human.

What are the Gemini AI Versions?

The Gemini AI Versions are Ultra, Pro and Nano.

How can one use the Google Gemini In Bard?

One can use the Google Gemini in Bard by logging to the Bard’s website.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and Gemini AI?

The difference in ChatGPT and Gemini AI can be checked through the table given above. 

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