WhatsApp Multiple Accounts iPhone APK, Login, How To Process ?

qrgbThe Meta powered WhatsApp has launched the latest feature called WhatsApp Multiple Accounts on iPhone and Android Devices. Using this feature, all of you can use 2 Numbers on One App which will be very helpful for all of you. So, we decided to come up with complete information related to the WhatsApp Multiple Number Login such as the Benefits, Process to Login and more. This feature is very beneficial because you can switch between 2 Numbers on WhatsApp through a single click. You can Download Update for WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Login iPhone and WhatsApp 2 Numbers APK after which feature will be available on your phone. Now, you would not need to logout or use 2 Mobiles to handle your personal and work messages. We have mentioned the direct link for your reference so that you can download it easily on your Phone. After that, use Two WhatsApp Numbers on One Phone and enjoy the seamless track of Work and Personal Messages.

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts iPhone, APK Download, Login Process

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts

As we all know, WhatsApp Developer Meta keeps releasing various updates for the application and improves the working of the app. Now, one of the longest pending demands was of 2 Numbers Login on WhatsApp in One Phone or we can say WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Feature. So, we want to inform you all that WhatsApp 2 Numbers Login Feature is rolled out for Android and iOS Mobiles. You can simply update your WhatsApp through the Play Store or App Store and then enjoy the latest feature. You should know that earlier only one number could be used in one phone or one app and users were facing a lot of difficulties. All of them had to use 2 Mobiles or rely on fake apps to use different whatsapp. However, Meta has taken cognizance of the same and released the WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Feature in the latest update for Android and iPhone Users. Now, all of you can update your app and then login your second account using a simple verification process. After that, you can seamlessly switch between your profiles and check the messages on both profiles.

WhatsApp Multiple Number Login

Type of AppMessaging App
New Feature NameWhatsApp Multiple Number Login
Feature Launched onOctober 2023
WhatsApp Dual Account Login Available on Android and iOS
How to UseLogin with 2 Numbers on Same App
Benefit of this FeatureAllows users to Login with 2 Numbers and easy switching
WhatsApp Dual Login APK File Size150 MB
WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Login ProcessDiscussed Below
WhatsApp Multiple NumberDownload from App Store
Type of ArticleTechnology
WhatsApp Websitewhatsapp.com

WhatsApp Multiple Accounts iPhone

  • All the iPhone Users who were waiting for the latest update of WhatsApp should get ready to use multiple accounts on one app.
  • Now, you would not require to carry 2 phones to separate your Business and Work Messages.
  • WhatsApp Multiple Accounts iPhone Update is out now and you can download it from your App Store.
  • Simply install the new update and get your second account verified using OTP method to use the latest feature.
  • Now, you can switch between 2 Numbers on WhatsApp and easily access your Work or Private Messages.

WhatsApp 2 Numbers APK Download

  • This WhatsApp Multiple Account Login Feature is launched in the 1st Phase for Android Users.
  • You can open your play store and then Update your App to enjoy the latest feature on your Device.
  • Once the update is complete, you have to verify your Mobile Number and then start using the 2 Numbers on your WhatsApp.
  • If you are unable to use this feature then you should contact WhatsApp through the Help Section or you can use the WhatsApp 2 Numbers APK Download Link given in this post.
  • We have mentioned the complete process below using which you can complete the Dual Login.

How to Login WhatsApp Multiple Accounts on One Phone

  • You can Login WhatsApp Multiple Accounts on One Phone using the instructions below.
  • First of all, open the play store or app store and then update your WhatsApp Application.
  • Now, open WhatsApp and then click on the Account button.
  • Tap on Add Account and enter your 2nd Mobile Number.
  • Verify using OTP and let the login complete.
  • Now, you can enjoy the Dual Number on One WhatsApp.

Dual WhatsApp Account Login

The Dual WhatsApp Account Login was released for iPhone and Android users and it was a much needed feature. Now, you can simply update your App by visiting your play store and download the update which has file size of around 150 Mb. Verification process has to be followed by the users and then dual login will be available on your phone. Earlier this year, Meta launched the Chat Lock and HD Image Sharing feature which was also loved by the users. Now, in order to make it more effective, Meta has launched the latest update in which Two WhatsApp Numbers can be used on a single app. Moreover, WhatsApp also allows you to choose the privacy settings separately for each account.

How to Add Multiple Accounts on WhatsApp

After releasing the HD Image Sharing, Chat Lock and other features, WhatsApp is ready to unveil the latest update in which you will be allowed to use 2 Mobile Numbers in One App. Now, if you are also among the users of WhatsApp then you should check the settings section and then update your current version. After doing the update, you will be able to see the Two WhatsApp Account Login option in your Settings. Add Account using the steps mentioned above and then complete the login process. In this way, you can Add Multiple Accounts on WhatsApp.

FATs On WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Login

When is WhatsApp Multiple Accounts Login Feature Rolled Out?

WhatsApp Multiple Account Login is released in October 2023.

How to Use 2 Numbers on WhatsApp?

Update your App and Login with your second number to complete the Dual Login on WhatsApp.

Who is able to use WhatsApp Multiple Accounts?

All the WhatsApp Beta Users are eligible to use WhatsApp Multiple Account Feature.

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